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Clayton sent me this

Poetry Bailout Will Restore Confidence of Readers

By Charles Bernstein

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bettie tickets

you can get tickets for the Roller Bettie bout at Brown Paper Tickets.

for the inaugural bout - $12 in advance.

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for Season Tickets - only $45

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You know you're gonna go. Buy your tickets already!



I saw the light

I'm just sayin...


biking event

I need to get my bike tire fixed in time for this event:

What you’ll need:

Your bike and a lock
Pen and paper
Messenger bag or backpack
Some cash money
Map (optional)

The event also promises an after-party with prizes, a raffle and other surprises at 3:30 p.m. I'm told there will be live bands. Friend told me it's put on by the "underground" biking community.
But why wouldn't you just go get him after the first day?

Apparently Roller Betties will be involved in an expo bout in Seattle on Saturday. An all day event. I just found out about it today.

Things I DO know about in advance:

Next Wed, Savage Henry will play at Fantasia for another "save us we're not making any money selling coffee" fundraiser for the coffeeshop. I hear there may be 5 bands. $3 cover.

Next Friday, Savage Henry will be opening for The Growers at the Wild Buffalo. The buffalo website, once again, gives the bio of the Denver Savage Henry band.

On George Washington's birthday, The Gallus Gals, The Gallus Brothers and Wisconsin Slim will be at the Wild Buffalo.
(side note: Sarah the Songbird told me on Wed that she liked my hair. I guess it's staying long now. If she said she liked clown noses, I would be wearing one of those too.)

Chryslers will be at the Buff on Valentines day but I think I will miss that. Much as I love the Chryslers and they love me, I think that VD has lost it's appeal. That didn't sound right but you know what I mean. But that doesn't mean YOU can't go, Clayton.

also a website: http://www.farmerfootdrums.com/demos.html
Local guy who sometimes plays in the Gallus Gals shows. Shouldn't we all own footdrums?

tonight: laundry and pizza. Though something might come up later.

They say the test of literary power is whether a man can write an inscription. I say, 'Can he name a kitten?' --Samuel Butler

Something you should see.

Interview with CR Avery from 2006
I'm taking Geno in to the Cat Clinic today. I haven't dealt with them but his old vet is in Blaine and I wasn't real enamored with him anyway. I've heard some decent things about the cat clinic. Plus they're just a few blocks away. The difficult part is always getting Geno in and out of the cat carrier. He's a fighter. You wouldn't know it right now as he's purring and laying on my right wrist so I can only just barely type.

I guess I've been neglecting him a lot lately. I don't think he likes it when I don't sleep at home. Moving him into an apartment has been a difficult adjustment for both of us. My long term plan is to get to a position where I can buy another house in town and let him roam in a fenced yard. But that's long term. My short term plan is to have enough money at the end of the month to buy a beer. So far, that's still a dream. Payday is tomorrow though.

Tom came over for homemade chili and potato soup yesterday. Alex should be coming over tonight. I think Tom and I are getting together on Sunday to cook something as he has expressed some interest and liked my chili. If he can cook and enjoy it at 16 years old, he'll be decades ahead of me. I'm just starting to enjoy it and thinking in terms of wishing I had a particular pan or pot.

Last post, I promise

I rewrote my knock knock poem finally. Not bad I think.

Geno is still chasing his tail. Now he's catching it and then crying. I don't know if I can properly describe this. He seems to be poking it with his claws and hurting himself. A couple times he looked like he actually caught his claw on the tail or at least in his fur so he couldn't let go. He jumped off the rocking chair and started walking off with his tail in the air. then he caught sight of the tail and it scared him so he ran into the bedroom. He's a very smart cat so this is not his usual self.

Dr. Ruthless just dropped off two bettie shirts. Kim, I'm talking to you!

It's been nice to just sit at home alone. I haven't really done that in a while. I do enjoy my down time. Sometimes it's hard to say no I don't want to go out or have someone over. You don't want people to feel rejected. And most of the time, if you start explaining why you want to be alone, you might just as well give in right then. And when I say you might as well, I mean, of course, I might as well. And when I say you don't want people to feel bad, I mean, of course, I want to be liked. But I held firm tonight. So here I am alone and happy.

Funny, I thought I would spend a lot more time alone when I got divorced. Thought I would get a lot more done. Things are not as I thought they would be. I hope they are how they should be.

Geno is calmer now.

Ray Kurzweil on CBC

In case you're near a radio and care anything about the Kurzweil piano or "the singularity", there's an interview with Ray K. on CBC 690 am right now. We use some OCR software he developed at the school district to help special ed kids focus.

He's also a cool philosopher. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Kurzweil.

Just one more thing I'm doing instead of what I should be doing.

"As powerful as information technology is today it will be a billion times more powerful in 25 years."

anything but what I'm supposed to do.

I'm watching the cat chase his tail like a puppy. He's eleven. That's like 46 in human terms isn't it? You don't see me chasing my tail. Have a shred of dignity man.

Tomorrow we conquer Seattle with all the power that Bellingham can muster. We shall be introduced as Robert Smashley, Kim Von See You In Hell and Neil Before Zod. We will stand back to back to back and rotate on the stage reading three poems simultaneously and randomly spraying ammonia into the audience from squirt guns. I will bring the cat and let him loose.

I wanted to take Thursday off due to coming back into town late after the Slam but I have back to back meetings and stuff all day. It's going to be a tough day.

What I need to do today is rewrite my knock knock poem to suit a seattle winter crowd. And decide what else I'm going to read for sure. And cook some food. Maybe sweep the kitchen floor. And start my taxes. And go jogging. And cure cancer and establish world peace. And work on the Roller Bettie website.

This is how much I resist doing things I should:
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Thats not bad considering I wrote it just now listening to Bruce Springsteen. Original is on my perpetually unfinished website (physician, heal thyself) if you want to compare.